More importantly, the gift or the altar that sanctifies the gift? (Mt 23, 19) … More importantly, our intentions or Christ, who sanctifies our intentions? Which is more important, things we offer or the Eucharist, (and here I refer to the Eucharistic Christ, not the Thanksgiving we celebrate in the temple) that sanctifies what we offer?

And, in every moment of our lives, we must place on the altar of the Lord our offerings, we must place on the altar of God all our pains, sorrows, anxieties, worries, joys, that Christ bless and sacrifice Christ acceptable to God the Father, that the sacrifice of Christ Jesus will be blessed those things that we present are not blessed by ourselves or by our merits, but by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, but by the delivery Jesus Christ made of himself to the service of man and God the Father, because he wanted to reconcile things, heaven and earth, he being the perfect offering and the altar where we can offer our intentions.

Therefore, my dear brothers, we deliver all our intentions to Christ Jesus, who, being himself that altar where we place our offerings, our intentions, transformed into an offering acceptable to God the Father, we humbly present ourselves before the altar which is Christ Jesus and entreguemosle our truly sorry to transform it into a heart heart at will.