Watch and be ready, they do not know what day your Lord is coming (Mt 24, 42) … I do not know the day or hour will come again to our Lord Jesus Christ, only, sole and only the Father knows when it will be your return. Nor the Son, nor the Holy Spirit, or the saints or angels know when it will be.

‘s Keep always on, always keep our heart and pure spirit, if we help others, we live to serve those most in need, we are always available to those who need our help, our company, our service, because that you have given bread to the hungry, clothing the naked, water to the thirsty, has visited the sick and the prisoner is assured of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Therefore, my beloved brethren, repent of our sins so that our heart and soul remain bleached, eat and drink with dignity the Eucharist is the food and drink of our salvation, never stop helping others and always pray for all people, friend or foe, and so we will be ready when Jesus Christ returns for us.