When you say: “I follow Paul,” I follow Apollos, “are not you in a purely human way comes (1Cor 3, 4) … And perhaps God is in the background when we say we are? one or another priest, perhaps we are not following the priest instead of following Christ? Who is more important to us, Christ gave his life for each of us or priest following in the footsteps of Him who called what?

The priest is only one person working for the Kingdom of God, makes possible or impossible to carry that community that has been assigned by way of salvation, look for ways that the community find the risen Christ Jesus, looking the means to sow the seed of the Word of God, to water it, but God is who handles the flower, to be reborn in these communities, these people, in us the Gospel the priest has been planted in us.

Therefore, my beloved brethren, let us not the men who work for the Kingdom of God, let God himself and let us help by those working for God, hear this word the priest says, and let Christ do flourish the Good News has been preached to us, that we have been taught by the field workers of the Lord.