By doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath? (Lk 6, 2) … No food? It is forbidden to walk? It is forbidden to do good? Jesus came into the world not to remove the law, by contrast, came to perfect it, came to fulfill it came to improving the law which Moses had left us.

Jesus Christ is the law among us, and asks only one thing, love your neighbor, love no matter how those are done, just ask us to do good to others, just ask us, as Christians we are , serve the needy, helpless serve those people, those who have no one, to those who are alone, for Love drives us to it, to help and serve those who need God in their lives and in his heart.

Therefore, my beloved brethren, let the law, seek true justice, not those made by men but by that which comes from God, but one that improves our lives, but one that gives us happiness, but that which purifies us and gives us the option to be full together with Christ Jesus, our mother the Holy Virgin Mary, the angels and the saints.