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For who loves his neighbor does not harm anyone (Rom 13, 10) … For the one who loves, who can hardly do that you love? For he that loveth not seek correction of that doing wrong? For he that loves it not seek salvation of others?

Or is Jesus Christ came not to love? Did Jesus Christ came not to forgive? And since Christ is God Himself loves us and forgives us, because we do not do? If God sent his Son to reconcile us to Him, to forgive and love to the end, that we do the opposite?

Therefore, my brethren dearly beloved and not criticize others, do not point out to our neighbors, treat them with love to those who need us, we correct fraternally who are wrong, and if we who receive correction or criticism, let us take as it really is, a way for our salvation, a message that we are doing something wrong and we need to improve, because that will come to God, who loves us and wants us to love Him to.