Joseph, son of David, do not hesitate to get in your house Mary your wife, because she has conceived by the Holy Spirit (Mt 1, 20) … Let us not hesitate to get in our house Mary, the Mother of Savior, who through her we have received redemption, accepting with humility and simplicity his mission, his calling.

Let us not hesitate to take Mary into our house, in our lives, in our hearts, follow suit, follow your life, let Jesus teach us and learn from it, let us take the path that leads us to Christ, because no one knows better than a mother to her son, and more Mary who was 9 months in her womb, fed him, clothed him, raised him and taught him the meaning of love.

Therefore, my dear brothers, we learn of the Mother of God to live as children of God, to accept the things that come from God saying a simple YES A YES humble a heart YES A YES put on the Lord Who is our guide, our Savior, who always gives us countless graces and blessings whenever you seek.