Jesus withdrew to the mountain to pray, and spent the night in prayer to God (Lk 6, 12) … He spent all night talking to God in order to select the 12 apostles from among the disciples, in every important moment of He leaves his life alone and goes up to the mountain to pray, in every event of your life you leave others to talk to the Father.

How important it was for Jesus and continuous prayer alone with the Father! How important it is for each of us to be in constant communication with Jesus Christ and with the Father, to decide paths in our lives, plans and projects to decide for every situation that comes our way! How important it is for every Christian to be alone with God and feel His love in our hearts and in our minds!

Therefore, my beloved brethren, let not a moment of prayer with God, let us not look for it, especially in secret where no one, only He can see you, and there in secret will reward us, whenever we need forces, provided we need to make a decision, whenever we have questions or problems, we turn to the One who has all the answers to our needs.