Woe to you when everyone’s praise, because that way their ancestors treated the false prophets (Luke 6, 26) … And who the false prophets? Those who say the things others want to hear, without saying what God wants to say; are those who pretend to be prophets, but God does not speak to them; are those who denounce the evil but held not to fall ill or the other, and thus gain important positions.

Woe to us if the world praises us, because our pay has been given, because we become false prophets, because they carry the plan of God, because we live the gospel, because we are doing what the world wants and not what God commands us; woe to us if the world praises us, because we have stored wealth in this world and not in the Kingdom of Heaven, because we seek the comfort of this world and God’s comfort.

Being both, my dear brothers, we do not live thinking or hoarding goods here, but rather cherish eternal goods, visiting the sick, helping the needy, feeding the hungry and drink to the thirsty, who suffers with suffering, being poor and humble of heart, so that the last day, the day of eternal resurrection we can be with Jesus Christ.