If my brother sins against me, how many times must I forgive him? Up to seven times? (Mt 18, 21) … Why only forgive 7 times? How often forgive anyone who truly loves? And we can only apologize if only forgive seven times? Did Jesus Christ keeps track of how many times we forgive each day?

If we are truly Christians, we should not worry about how many times we forgive, but we worry about how much we love others, especially our enemies, especially the homeless, especially those most in need, especially children and the elderly; We should be more concerned about loving your neighbor, to love God, to serve the Lord Jesus in this world where there is hatred and resentment.

Therefore, my dear brothers, love our neighbor as ourselves, open our hearts to love, let us be guided by the Word of God is Jesus Christ, follow the example of his Most Holy Mother the Virgin Mary, who loved tirelessly and continues to love, the Church, the holy people of God here on earth.