Well, you are the body of Christ and each member of Him (1 Cor 12, 27) … And just as each of us are members of the same church, also each of us has our role within She, some are priests, some are religious, some are nurses, some are doctors, other missionaries, other lawyers, other teachers, and so on each in their professions.

What if one of the body members to stop working because they want to? Simply the function of that body part is left undone because another member does not know what to do or can not do. It also is the mystical body of the Church, if any of the members of She does not work, who will make his function? Simply no one else can do that job.

So, dear brethren, listen carefully to the voice of the Lord, follow His way, let us be seduced by his love for His Word, for His mercy, and make our functions within the Church, the Body of Christ, of which we are the members through baptism we receive.